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I am a Puggle lover, board game lover and math lover who wants to help your student gain the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in their math class! I live just south of Raleigh, NC with my husband and have been tutoring or teaching math topics since I was in high school. I spent 4 years at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC studying various topics of mathematics and statistics, graduating in December of 2018. I even started teaching in the classroom part-time before I was finished with my mathematics degree.  I just couldn't wait to get hands-on with students and share my passion with them. Since graduating I have taught in person for a local private school and for Blue Tent Online, a homeschool company providing year-long math classes for middle and high school students. I love all topics from Algebra 1 through AP Statistics. I do math everyday and love it more and more as the years have gone by. I am excited to start this journey with your student too!

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