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Zooming Through Math Tutors at a Glance!

Ashley Porter

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Founder & Math Tutor

Ashley has taught multiple ages in the classroom, been teaching full-year math classes for Blue Tent Online for over 5 years and has tutored many in person and online students since she was in high school herself. She can't wait to join your student's math journey.

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Looking to Join the Team?

If you are interested in joining the Zooming Through Math team, send an email to 

Zooming Through Math Vision & Mission


"My son struggled in his math and got so far behind that he was failing. He was devastated! A friend referred me to Ashley and she was able to help him get him back on track quickly to where he pulled his grade back to a B. I saw the confidence return in my son. She was a lifesaver!!"

Parent of 5th Grade Math Student

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